Insulation Tester

An insulation tester, also known as a megohmmeter or a “megger,” is an electrical instrument used to measure the resistance of insulation materials. It is typically used to test the insulation of wires, cables, transformers, motors, and other electrical equipment to ensure that they are operating safely and effectively.

The insulation tester works by applying a high voltage, typically between 250 and 5000 volts DC, to the insulation being tested. The current that flows through the insulation is then measured, and the resistance of the insulation is calculated using Ohm’s law (resistance = voltage / current). The insulation resistance is typically expressed in megaohms (millions of ohms).


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Insulation testing is important because it helps to identify any areas of electrical equipment that may be deteriorating or have been damaged, which could lead to electrical faults or safety hazards. Insulation testing is typically performed as part of a regular maintenance program for electrical equipment.


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