Clamp meter

A clamp meter is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of electrical testing and troubleshooting applications. Some common uses of clamp meters include:

Measuring Current: A clamp meter is primarily used to measure the amount of current flowing through a wire or cable. This is done by clamping the meter around the wire, and the meter will display the current reading.

Measuring Voltage: Some clamp meters are also capable of measuring voltage. To do this, the meter is placed in parallel with the circuit and the voltage reading is displayed.

Measuring Resistance: Many clamp meters can also measure the resistance of a component or circuit. This is done by connecting the meter to the component or circuit and the resistance reading is displayed.

Checking Continuity: Clamp meters can also be used to check for continuity in a circuit. This is done by connecting the meter to the circuit and checking if there is a continuous path for the current to flow.

Diagnosing Electrical Problems: Clamp meters are also useful for diagnosing electrical problems. By measuring the current, voltage, resistance, and continuity, electricians and technicians can identify issues with wiring, components, and circuits.


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A clamp meter is a type of electrical testing tool that measures the amount of current flowing through a wire or cable without the need to disconnect the circuit. The tool is designed with a clamp-like device that can be opened and placed around the wire, allowing it to measure the magnetic field created by the electrical current flowing through the wire.

Clamp meters can measure both AC and DC currents, and they are particularly useful in situations where it is difficult or dangerous to access the wiring to make a direct connection. They are commonly used by electricians, technicians, and engineers to troubleshoot electrical problems, verify electrical load levels, and confirm proper functioning of electrical systems. Some clamp meters also offer additional features, such as the ability to measure voltage, resistance, and frequency.


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